Another Day in NV

Got the ball and hitch for the trailer today! Hopefully the trailer will be finished and ready to go sometime this week. Maybe I’ll even go for a trail ride next weekend.

I also swung by the place my trimmer keeps his horses to pick up a new supplement for Dandy. He’s got the most awesome little cross country course. I can’t wait until Dandy is ready to go out in a field as Tony has agreed to give us a lead with one of his guys. I also got to snuggle with one of this OTTBs, Epic Power. Apparently Epic Power was a big deal in CA and one of my friends favorites.

He was a sweet heart and a cutie. Tomorrow I’ll take some more pictures of Dandy so we can get back on track with his confirmation photos, have something for the brand inspector, and have a starting point to see if this new supplement is helping.