Another Dandy Update

Dandy is doing so well down in California! And yes, he is still in California and will be for another almost two weeks. This means that we had to scratch from the Aspen derby this weekend but they were really understanding and refunded my entry fee.  Now JLE and the crew will be going to Twin Rivers next weekend though Dandy will not be competing since we didn’t know this was going to happen until after closing date.

But he could have! JLE thinks he’s ready to enter his first event. So, depending on how things go at Twin and the Spring Fling Derby at Aspen Farms on the 19th, he may be entering the inaugural event at the WA Horse Park. That would be fun!

Dandy enjoying the atmosphere at Galway
Dandy captured a heart at Galway.

JLE flew back up here this morning and I was able to talk with her a bit on my lunch break. She’s so pleased with how Dandy is doing and I’m so ready to get back on and work through this. The best news is that JLE thinks that, while he’s always going to be difficult, it’s now worth it for me to see if I can work through the fear. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to but I want to try!