And Then This Happened

Shortly after I wrote my last post, I got an email back from one of my inquiries. The horse I was writing about (a five year old bay OTTB who had been lightly restarted) was out on trial with a scheduled vet check. So he was basically gone. But the seller had another OTTB still with her race trainer that she just hadn’t been able to get down to her farm and restart yet. A big, steel gray, sound, five year old with fancy movements and a good personality. Was I interested in seeing pictures and a jog video?

No, I really need something that’s restarted… oh who am I kidding? YES! That is basically my dream horse. Then she sent me the jog video and I was sold.

So now I want to introduce you to Gus, aka Smoky Four. He’s a five year old thoroughbred by Stevie Wonderboy and out of an El Prado mare. He won three times on the track and earnedΒ just over 34k.


We scheduled a vet check for Thursday and when I got the call from the vet, all he could do was rave about his movements. He passed with basically flying colors (his back feet are tender but the vet thought that would be an easy fix with a good farrier and not being stuck in a stall). Then the race track trainer got on the phone and said if I want him, there’s a shipper going out tonight who can take him from West Virginia to Georgia and he could be there on Friday. Holy crap. But alright. Let’s do this!

So, Gus arrived very early this morning around 12:30 AM and was very crabby after being on the trailer for 24 hours. We left him to relax and rest. Then Eric and I went home and got to bed ourselves. Then, after only a few hours of sleep, we dragged ourselves out of bed and back to the barn to see what kind of animal we really had.

wpid-20150411_112005.jpg Gus_2 Gus_3 Gus_5 Gus_9 wpid-20150411_112045.jpgFor being fresh off the track, he was super well behaved (even before I put the chain on). Sure, he was was up and definitely aware of his new surroundings but he was very polite and never lost his marbles. After a few minutes, he settled down to graze and was just curious about the place. I even led him through the little stream and he had no issues!

Tomorrow he gets his first turnout for a few hours and I am going to scrub up his legs. They are covered in this weird tar sticky stuff and of course I went out today without my bath kit. So excited to start working with this guy!

I’ll leave you with two things. First, this totally epic slow motion video of him jogging.

The second, Gus has something really cool in his pedigree for those that are pedigree or racing enthusiasts. I’ll talk about it in a later post but cookies if you find it before that!

47 thoughts on “And Then This Happened

  1. Believe You Can!!! I would have bought him too, he’s fantastic! I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures with him πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

    1. I actually didn’t notice Believe You Can was his half sister until after I bought him but it kind of explains a lot. He is a really nicely built horse (except his knees are a bit knobby but no one is perfect!).

      1. I knew I had seen that mare’s name somewhere before, but I had to look it up. He is definitely bred to be a nice, classy horse. I can’t wait to here more about him.

  2. You have such a type!!! Long legs, short coupled, gorgeous mover… Not like anyone else I’ve ever seen on here!! He’s gorgeous, what a wonderful coincidence for you.

    1. I’m 5’4 so not super tiny… but I really think some of it’s the pictures. I swear he is not this huge when you’re up there with him! He’s definitely smaller than Dandy.

    1. I think he was bred in Kentucky but his entire racing career has been at Mountaineer I believe… maybe just a few somewhere else.

    1. Yeah… he kind of fell in my lap and then suddenly he was here… I am beyond stressed out and ready for things to calm down now so I can work with him. πŸ™‚

  3. He’s gorgeous! And wow that was fast!!! I hope you have a long and beautiful relationship. OTTBs are the best! πŸ™‚ (I’m just a little biased.) And what a good boy going through the water!

    1. Yeah, it happened way faster than I was expecting. Still, I’m not going to pass up on a good thing! And I’m super happy with his attitude so far.

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