And Then I Found $5

It might have been cold, relative to the area, on Sunday, but that did not stop everyone from converging on the barn all at once! Or at least, that’s what it felt like. The temps were a lot warmer on Saturday but due to the insane rain we got on Friday, there was only one arena open. I decided to not deal with it and skipped my Saturday ride. Of course, this meant I could not skip Sunday and when I got out there, I was shocked to find basically the whole barn was too!

So off on a road hack we went.


With the wind nipping our noses and setting Gus’ little OTTB brain to overdrive, it just didn’t seem like it would be worth it to try to get a decent schooling in a crowded ring. For some reason, I thought that hacking would be more productive. I was so wrong. Anytime we were in the wind, Gus started screaming his head off and the only time he even thought about relaxing was when we were behind tree cover. I had planned a nice long ride but I turned back after about 25 minutes. I just didn’t feel like dealing with him. The good was that he wasn’t spooking at anything and he wasn’t threatening to do anything naughty, I just wasn’t having any fun.

About halfway back, I noticed a $5 bill in the road. Now, there’s a lot of things I wouldn’t do for just five bucks but getting off my horse and having to remount is not one of them. Easiest $5 I’ve ever made… or so I thought.

A few yards up the road was a gate I’ve used multiple times to get on Gus so I headed over that way. Only, when I went to slide him up to the gate, I looked down at his legs and saw this:



Gus hadn’t tripped at all or taken any weird steps during our ride and I didn’t notice it while grooming so the only thing I can think of is that he did it out in the pasture, it had scabbed over, and then reopened when I was on him. It didn’t seem to be hurting him but it just didn’t seem fair to ride him the rest of the way home. So we walked.

And gosh darn it, wouldn’t you know he was silent the whole way home.

6 thoughts on “And Then I Found $5

  1. Oh gosh, Sunday riding was an adventure for everyone I know. My normally-saint of a lesson horse suddenly decided that the wind was blowing WRONG and he just COULD NOT JUMP. Okay.

    If you think the weather is cold now, wait another month… 😉

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