An Unofficial Review

If you follow me on Instagram (@laurenhaggerty come say hi!), you may have noticed that this showed up on my doorstep the other day:


You all know I was in the hunt for a second bridle for the GusGus and after hearing bits and pieces of how nice Lund Saddlery’s stuff was, I figured I’d wait around until they officially debuted their line. But I had no idea when that was. What if it was next year sometime? Did I really want to wait that long? (Clue: No (and if you know where that is from, you deserve a cookie!)).

So I Facebooked them, explained my dilemma, and, much to my amazement, was told they had exactly what I wanted in stock. Sold!

And you guys, it’s everything they claim it is. Right out of the box the leather was so soft and supple. Way nicer than anything I have and much nicer than the other bridle I own in that price range. Plus, the shipping was fast and the customer service top notch.

The only bad thing I can see is that it’s so pretty I didn’t want to put it on Gus!

11 thoughts on “An Unofficial Review

  1. I’m having fun playing with all my Lund stuff too! About to get started on the first official review. It’s funny – the one thing that I didn’t really want, and didn’t really like much in theory, has ended up being my favorite piece.

  2. Knew you would like it. I’m loving the stuff I have! Similar to Amanda the stuff I didn’t think I would like have become favorites. Weird how that works!

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