An Expensive Day

So in my last post I mentioned that it was an expensive day, and Harley’s $250 vet bill was the least of it.

The good news is that the trailer is now officially mine! We paid off the remainder of the balance with some of Eric’s signing bonus but had been sitting on getting it titled in our name for the last month. Well I went to do that yesterday so we could officially drive it back to WA, legally. I also got the truck all registered. The bad news: it cost me over $700 bucks! Yikes! Granted over half of that was sales tax (or “use tax” as they call it) on the trailer but wow was that not fun.

This morning I handed over a second huge chunk of change for Dandy’s board until the end of the month. But honestly, that one made me super excited because it means soon I will have my horse up here! I am so so excited to go get him… just two more days!

6 thoughts on “An Expensive Day

  1. Yeah!! 2 more days!! Take lots of arrival pics for us 🙂 You are going to have to get me through 3 weeks without Savvy when we move to CA next week!

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