All Moved In

… and loving it!

Bright and early this morning, Krissie and I loaded up the ponies and made the quick trip over to the new barn. All our tack had been loaded, the horses bathed the afternoon before so all we had to do was get going. I appreciated that, it was hard enough to say good-bye to FTF without spending a bunch of extra time there.

Dandy had a bit of a hissy fit in the trailer so we’re going to have to do some training but that’s another issue.

The new barn is absolutely beautiful! And everyone is so friendly. While Dandy and Klancie’s pen was being readied, they let us put them in a little private turnout and you could tell just how happy the ponies were. They kicked up their heels, explored, rolled and dug right into the hay. I was so happy I could cry.

Dandy and Klancie exploring the temporary paddock.
“Hey Mom, can we stay?”

Krissie and I are sharing a cubby so it’s bit small but I don’t think it will be a problem. It’ll just force me to stay neat and tidy! Nothing wrong with that at all.

By the time we were done putting all our stuff away, they were ready to move the horses into their own pasture. Currently they are in their own private pasture, complete with huge shelter, and heated automatic waterer. They were so happy with the nice grass that they completely ignored the hay put out for them. Not that I blame them at all!

Nom. Nom. Nom.
Dandy and Klancie are now bffs.

And the views, like most places in the valley are pretty epic.

So pretty!



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  1. That is so cool!! I am glad you and your horses are happy:)) That is a cute little story
    ps. I am Kristen’s Mom:))

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