All About that Lace

I’m not a super girly girl, but I love lace. And one of my favorite show shirts is this beautiful Romfh white long sleeve lace top:


It’s subtle but still fun. (And as a side note, when looking up this shirt, which is the Romfh Lace Pirouette Long Sleeve Shirt, I just found out they make another lace shirt with burgundy lace! Be quiet credit card, there is still room on you.)

The problem now is that I just bought brand new white full seats and the white on white does not do me any favors. I had no idea what I was going to ride in this weekend!

But then I went to Dover to exchange something and almost walked by a light blue shirt with lace. I did a double take. Lace?! Did I really see lace?


Yes, a PERIWINKLE lace shirt! Oh the fabulousness. And periwinkle looks great on me (wore it for prom, incidentally) and will look good on Gus because almost everything looks good on Gus.

Obviously that came home with me.


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