Adulting Blues

Finished my first week at my new job, hence the silence. It’s been… well… not bad but not good either. Interesting, I guess? I actually like working and I like working in HR/Benefits but so far I still don’t know what I will actually be doing and don’t have my own work space so I’m a bit out of place. Hopefully things go better once I actually start my job… if that ever happens.


Besides my wonderful finance and the pups, the only thing that has gotten me through this rough week is being able to go out and ride Gus, even if I didn’t get out there as often as I wanted. We had some really great rides, including a fun jump school I’ll write about later.


The only downside was that my lesson was cancelled last Saturday and I REALLY needed it. It’s been rescheduled for this upcoming Saturday so everyone cross your fingers for me! I haven’t had a dressage lesson since June(?) for various reasons.

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