A Ziva Update

It has been forever and absolutely no time at all since Ziva has joined our pack and a lot has happened in those four months. This is mine, and Eric’s, first time bringing an adult dog into an establish pack and we were not as prepared as we thought we were. Especially since we already had one very opinionated golden retriever thinking she was running this house.

There have been a few flare ups between Ziva and Harley that have been more than a little scary. We have had to take a big step back and reevaluate what we were doing with the dogs and what we could reasonably expect from them. Neither of the girls are aggressive dogs but they both are obsessed with their toys and sharing is something Harley has never had to do with Guinness. But with the help of a behavioral and obedience trainer, I think we are starting to get on the right track. It’s a slow process though.

Despite all of that, I am glad that we brought Ziva into our pack. She has a sweetheart personality and is as smart as any dog I’ve ever met. Too smart maybe. Originally we thought about getting Ziva into agility training like the other two but after seeing how she hunts the squirrels in the back yard, I’m keen to try barn hunt with her. I have a┬áhunch┬áthat running around a hay bale maze and hunting rats (safety incased in a humane tube) will be right up her alley.

Even with all the craziness and the worry, I can’t imagine Ziva not being a part of our family. She may be crazy and loud but she’s one of us now.

3 thoughts on “A Ziva Update

  1. Glad she is fitting in and that you are doing what you can to help everyone live happily. We’ve had quite a few bumps and blips with Reef, too. Thule was happy to have a fun visitor but not as excited to have a full time roommate. They have gotten into it a few times, luckily we know what the triggers are and our trainer is helping us understand Reef’s behavior better. Reef has not been easy, we have learned a lot about nervous dogs, reactive dogs, and distracted dogs from him, but he is such a sweetie and he wants to be good (he just loses control of his brain sometimes) that I know it will be worth ALL the work. I do think about how much easier it would be if we still just one dog, but then I think about where Reef could have ended up if we didn’t get him and I’m happy we have him.

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