A Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that 2011 is coming to an end!

This year has been filled with crazy changes for me, the biggest being that I quit student teaching and moved in with Eric. Being out on my own has been a challenge all on its own. I’ve had to deal with finding a job – and the pain of not being able to find one; and somehow I’ve grown a lot more domestic. I actually cook. Weird how these things work. I am so happy to have moved out here though. Not only is the location fabulous, it’s nice not being 2,000 miles away from Eric.

I don’t regret, not even for a moment, not finishing my teaching license. Although I love math and I liked tutoring, I hated being in the classroom. Some might consider the fact that I started and didn’t finish was a waste but I don’t. Although I am not excited about the increase to my student loans, I learned valuable skills that I will be able to apply in future opportunities.

My big accomplishment of the year: learning to drive stick.

I wish I could fill this with a huge post about all the things Dandy and I have accomplished but we’ve only owned him for a month and a half. Not to mention he’s been in Minnesota the whole time! However, we did get to go and ride him for a few days so at least I can post a few photos.

Dandy Longlegs from his Craigslist ad. Taken sometime during the summer or fall at Wind N Wood Farm.

Buying Dandy was a whirlwind experience. It happened so fast that I still can’t really believe we got him. JD sent me his online ad on Monday and on Wednesday we had wired the money and he was ours. I feel incredibly blessed to have such an awesome guy by my side who knows a good horse when he sees one 😉

Dandy his first night at MM - November 23rd.

While with JD, Dandy has been adjusted by the chiropractor, had his teeth done and gotten a rabies shot! Not to mention spoiled rotten with mints and head snuggles. We also found out that he loves cats.

And then, finally, on December 22nd, Eric and I got to see our horse.

December 22nd, 2011

He still needs some weight and some muscle. but I love my gorgeous OTTB.

Eric took the first ride.
First time getting to jump Dandy!
I love that we have a cape.

With any luck, Dandy will be out here by the end of the week. Then the real fun begins! Happy New Year everyone.