A Mental Change

I want to share something that I have been keeping quiet on. A few weeks ago, before Christmas, I had a lesson with JLE and was just feeling so meh about the whole thing. I asked, “Is all this with Dandy worth it?” JLE’s very honest answer was “If he were mine, absolutely but I have a different end game than you. I’m not sure if he’ll ever be your competition horse.” I’m sure you can imagine how hard that was to hear. That was the last lesson before she started doing ground work with him and I think at that point we were both so frustrated that despite how much better he was looking physically, we couldn’t get anywhere mentally.

But now it’s been a few weeks since Dandy’s been doing ground work with JLE and the difference has been substantial. So much so that we’re both thinking that he may get his act together after all. Now he still might not be the right horse for me in the end but even JLE remarked on Saturday that, mentally, he’s been a different horse. I hope this keeps up and that Dandy and I can become a successful partnership.