A Halloween Walk

I’m not a very creative person, so I’ve never done the whole costume class thing. But I love Halloween. Of course, part of that might be that it’s my birthday but ya know… Halloween is still cool.

This year, my parents came down to visit so we went out to the barn to visit Gus. Unfortunately we are back to being sore from being barefoot (shoes got put on Monday) so I couldn’t ride. So we went for a walk!


And of course I had to wear orange! You can just see my birthday present from the boy which is a Fowler’s Jockey Whip in my XC colors. It’s so cool! I can’t wait to use it. wpid-wp-1446324059219.jpg

Walking gave me a chance to explore some parts of the trail that I hadn’t before. I was hoping that the trail up from this water was an actual trail but it appears to just be deer trail. Not that I couldn’t still follow it, but I’d have to be careful not to get lost! Also, I found where the trails connect up by the power lines. I’m excited to ride that trail now that I know where it goes.


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