A Good Gallop

There is nothing better than a good gallop to get you out of a funk. Or at least, that’s what I’ve come to realize now that I have my very own OTTB.

The whole ride was actually supposed to be for conditioning. We started with a trot set. 10 minutes of trot, three minutes of walk.

It was good for both of us. Dandy worked on building his conditioning, I worked on my two point! I am incredibly out of shape. Even worse, I’m arching my back. I know because with the vest on, I can’t and my back is killing me now!

I see lots more of these trot sets in our future. Along with my two point, I’m going to have to add sitting trot and posting without stirrups to my list of things to do.

I was so so happy when my alarm rang for the ten minutes. Who knew it could be so long?

To be honest, Dandy was a bit of a pill. He did not want to listen to my leg and could not walk in a straight line to save his life (or pass a sobriety test).

But then, it was time for the gallop.

You can really see the gallop to start with but he was so strong that I didn’t want to chance running out of road. Going the opposite way, I only got up to a gallop for one stride but at least he came back down to a canter when I asked.

I’m so glad Eric decided to come out to the barn with me. I thought he might like to take a gallop on Dandy as well.

I was right.

After a good trot cool down and some work in the front field, Eric even got Dandy to stretch down and out. Do you think he was a bit tired?