A Gift for Me

Halloween is my birthday, which was yesterday (duh). It’s actually a pretty great day to have your birthday except when you stay home to hand out candy and no kids show up and then you are sad and don’t understand what is going on with this generation!


But I digress…

Halloween is my birthday which means that today I am now a couple hundred dollars richer and I deserve to buy myself a present.

This was obviously the first choice:


Because you know french leather, ORANGE piping, and a short flap. It was basically made for me. Unfortunately, I am not that much richer.

So what do I want?

Well, I’ve been jonesing for a new gummy Ogilvy pad after Hillary let me borrow Annie’s.


Or I could buy myself some fancy bonnets from If the Bonnet Fits that I’ve just been too cheap to click “buy” on even though everyone sings their praises.


I am also really drooling over a rolled leather dressage bridle like this one from Schockemöhle (but in black to match “my” fancy new dressage saddle, see above).


And then I’ve also been interested in the For Horses tights that Amanda reviewed at The $900 Facebook Pony since she sang their praises in the TX heat and we all know how much I hate the heat here in GA.


What is a poor girl to do?

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