A Dandy Update


Things are going about as well as they can be expected with Dandy.

wpid-IMG_2238.jpgHe was not on his best behavior during the Copper Meadows H.T. This is not surprising though I was hoping for more.

However, they had an extended stay at Copper Meadows due to the truck situation and Dandy was able to school the XC course. He was a superstar and did every jump on both the BN and the N course. I am so proud of that. There’s no reason he couldn’t run N with JLE sometime this year, he’s more than talented enough for it.

But they have now made it to the stay over farm they were supposed to be at all week and all next week until Galway starts. Dandy settled in fantastically and JLE reported that he was less nervous getting off the trailer at this farm. Keep up the great work Dandy boy!