A Bit of This and That



I feel like I have a lot of little things to share but none deserve their own post so… to catch up!


(Last) Monday


Planned to go out for my lesson but JLE thought it was better to wait to get his shoe tacked on so we rescheduled for Saturday.




Gym days! I would have gone on Monday as well but thought I had my lesson and I just can’t motivate myself to go after work. I know I should get better at this but I just prefer morning workouts. I did some nice arm and ab works and ran a grand total of two miles (running is my nemesis).




Was supposed to have a lesson but JLE was sick so she cancelled. Totally understandable! She still wanted me to ride though (and so did I!) so I drove out after work. I was kind of meandering around and taking my time brushing Dandy, practicing my button braids.


Finally I started tacking up only when I went to grab my bridle it was not in my locker. Well, this has happened before where it just gets hung up in JLE’s tack room. So I trudge over to her barn and take a look. Nothing. Hmm. Well, long story short it’s not anywhere I can find in the barn or in JLE’s barn. I lunge Dandy and put him away. I’m pretty upset and freaking out that my bridle is gone.




Bridle found! JLE’s assistant had turned JLE’s trailer around and had my bridle in her hand. She set it down in the passenger seat. Crisis averted.




Had a great lesson. The boy came out to video me riding and I’m not really happy with the results. My connection is starting to disappear again and I’m losing my softness. Still felt like the lesson was helpful as we got some nice canter transitions and worked on leg yields.


JLE and I also had a quick discussion about spring plans for Dandy. I was just thinking about taking him to three little dressage shows just down the road but JLE has bigger things in mind: she wants to take him with her to CA when she runs at Galaway! He’d just be going for the experience, no showing. We haven’t made a decision yet but it’s interesting to think that might be in the works.


(Yesterday) Monday


Dandy went XC schooling with JLE. And apparently he was fantastic! I can’t wait to hear about it.




Also don’t forget about my contest for a Fly Bonnet! Deadline to get your entries in is midnight on February 1st.