A Balanced Diet

I had a very serious informative discussion today with JD about feeding, supplements and wormers for Dandy. When I owned my first horse, Sheena, I didn’t think a lot about this. She didn’t get ridden as much as Dandy would and she was always a good weight and healthy. Until I sold her, that is. But that’s a different post. Anyway, I don’t want to start things off wrong with Dandy. I want to make sure he’s putting on the weight he needs and is getting off on the right foot.

SmartPacks are such a God send. I know it’s not that big of deal to just scoop out all the individual things, but I am lazy. So SmartPacks are my plan. Though might depend on getting a job if I get to do all the supplements I want.

Ideally, this is what I want in my SmartPack in order of importance:

Weight Gain: Fat-Cat
It’s got great reviews on the website, plus the founder of the Minnesota Retired Race Horse Project swears by it. That’s enough of a recommendation for me! Even better, it fits in my budget.
Cost: 13.95 (0.50/day)

Ulcer & Gastric: TractGard
I don’t know for sure that Dandy has an ulcer but he’s an OTTB so he likely does. And if not, he’s probably more susceptible to them. JD recommended this one.
Cost: 13.95 (0.50/day)

Joint Supplement: HylaRX Complete
I know nothing about joint supplements but this one has glucosamine, chondritin and hyaluronic, apparently the three best things for joints. While Dandy is not jumping yet, I want to make sure he stays sound because he’s already had a lot of pressure put on his joints as a racehorse.
Cost: 53.95 (1.93/day)

Hoof Supplement: Biotin Plus
This is probably the least important of the four, however, I strongly believe in keeping a horse barefoot so I want to keep his feet nice. Especially now that we’ve moved to the desert.
Cost: 28.95 (1.03/day)

On a completely different note, Dandy has left MM Stables! The shippers picked him up today and they just have one stop in Kansas City before they bring him all the way out here. This must have been the trip from hell for them and I’m just so glad that he’s finally on his way.