A 1/2 lb of Pressure

That’s how much pressure I’m supposed to have in each rein at all times. You know, I’ve been told to have even pressure before. I’ve had the discussion of how much rein is currently in my hands before. But I’ve never had the whole concept explained so clearly. JLE is doing a great job in teaching me to handle every aspect of Dandy’s body at every point of a circle or at any point in the arena. I really feel like I’m understanding what to do, even if I’m still not reliably doing it at all points. I’m trying, but I start focusing on one thing and forget the others.

Today we worked on our straightness again and getting more impulsion. I’m having a really hard time getting him in front of my legs but it will come. We also started the spiraling exercise. I used to do this exercise with Shelly and Sheena and it was the bane of my existence, but surprisingly not so with Dandy. It was hard and we clearly have a lot to work on but we actually could do the exercise. JLE had me use the spiraling out to do a canter transition. Or she tried. It was hard work, and for some reason my transitions are a million times worse in my lessons than when I’m working by myself.

Our show is coming up pretty fast this weekend and I’m very nervous. The way he’s been acting lately is like he’s a completely different horse. I’m afraid that this is going to be a repeat of our Franktown Meadows show when I’d much rather have a repeat of our Pumpkin Roll Dressage Show. I have to remember how much things have changed for both of us and give us both some slack. Things don’t have to be perfect. At the same time, I need to keep things easy. Ask for what I know he can do.

We went down to watch some of the XC at the N.W.E.C. last Saturday and I feel confident that Dandy will be able to go over any of the starter jumps. The only thing that I was still worried about was the attitude. But Dandy really proved that he’s a steady head today, and that if I just give him the appropriate amount of pressure that he’ll be a good boy. Right after I brought him in for our lesson, it started pouring. No big deal. Dandy didn’t care about the rain pounding on the tin roof at all. However, halfway through our lesson, that rain turned into thunder. Loud thunder. What did Dandy do? Nothing. Not a flinch or anything.


I love my pony. He takes such good care of me. And he will on Saturday too.

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