500th Post

Wow! How did we get to 500 already?! In honor of this huge milestone, I want to recount my top 20 memories.

20. Dandy has finally arrived!

Photo © ES
Photo © ES

9. Going Dockdiving with Harley for the first time. That pup is a jumping fool!
18. Getting my HR job in Seattle.
7. Dandy’s disastrous but incredibly memorable first schooling show.
16. Dandy’s fantastic and incredibly memorable first recognized horse trial.

15. Going to the 2012 Breeder’s Cup.
14. Guinness getting his CGC Title!
13. Going schooling at Caber Farms with Dandy.

12. Dandy winning an open training division at Rebecca Farms! Go super pony!
11. Our last wonderful Christmas in Tahoe with good friends, food, and puppies. Plus SNOW!

10. Going on so many epic trail rides in Tahoe.
9. Like this one where the horses get loose!
8. And this one where we go galloping on the beach and swimming.

7. Getting my very own Voltaire monoflap!
6. Taking lessons on an ex-Rolex horse! Jack is so cool!
5. Going XC schooling with Dandy for the first time.
Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 10.45.32 AM
4. And the second day of that too.
3. Then taking Gus XC schooling!
2. One last lesson on Dandy before I say goodbye.


And the number one best memory goes to…

  1. Gus arrives!


Thank you all so much for coming along on this journey with me. I hope you’ll all be here for the many more exciting and fun adventures that await Gus and I down the road.

Hugs and horse slober,