I wanted to share a couple of non competing photos of Dandy that Photos by The Floyds captured from his trip to Rebecca Farm. I think they are some of my favorites of him ever. But more than that, they really sum up what I loved and miss about being part of a team, this team in particular. I know I’ve mentioned this all before but I never miss them more than when looking at photos.

(And as an aside, if you are in the PNW and close enough, I really do recommend JLE as a trainer. She’s fabulous and you will have a ton of fun competing with the group.)

Once I have a job and know where I’m actually going to end up, my first priority will be finding a new team. I’m sure there are great ones out here.

And I know I always will be an honorary member of the JLE Team. I’m repping the east coast chapter.

Just drinking coffee and schooling the beast. No worries.
Sexy beast.
I am sure M is thinking along the lines of “Please do not get me dirty, Dandy!”

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