It was raining pretty heavily and consistently this morning when I got to the barn. This made me sad because it was only misting at my house and I had been really looking forward to a trail ride. Bummer.

But, at least I know that Dandy’s blanket *IS* waterproof. Lol.


Like my lesson on Friday I started with ground work. It’s amazing to see the difference in Dandy’s manners on the lunge. When I say “woah” and give a quick tug on the lunge he throws on the breaks. He still likes to turn into me a bit but I worked on getting him to move those front feet over. And when I cluck (or kiss) he GOES.

It translates on his back too which is making me so happy. For the first time I was able to do leg yields across half the arena and our canter transitions were sharp. In fact, I was even able to do a walk canter transition. I just love how soft he was being.

It’s days like this that make me hopeful that things will work out and I can somehow get through that lazy attitude. I love my OTTB. I don’t want to give up on him.


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