2016 Twin Rivers – Pictures

Dandy completed another difficult open prelim in California. Dressage was decent if not spectacular and he went around cleanly in XC. He did pick up a bunch of time faults but I know that is because JLE is being careful with him and letting him get his sea legs. He finished way out of the ribbons but he did finish.

So on to the pictures.


Only one dressage picture because we care more about the XC, yes?

wp-1461158010351.jpg wp-1461158007548.jpg wp-1461158004211.jpg

These jumps scare me just looking at them…

But this sequence below looks fun! I love bounces.  wp-1461158000552.jpg wp-1461157997140.jpg wp-1461157993158.jpg

He is looking good! I’m not sure what the plans are for Dandy next but I’m assuming he’ll be getting a bit of a break as JLE heads off to Rolex with Capato.

5 thoughts on “2016 Twin Rivers – Pictures

  1. I think the hardest part for me about eventing would be any jump that has a downhill approach, or any banks. Even on trail rides I hate when Sydney tries to trot downhill, and that’s without any giant, solid, wood obstacles coming up!

  2. Ooh those down banks look maybe kinda fun!! nice to hear that JLE is being so careful and thoughtful with Dandy’s move up too. Building confidence is so key!

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