2016 Show Schedule Updated

Well I didn’t stick to my schedule very well… that’s okay. Part of it was that I realized just how expensive dressage shows are and truthfully, I’d rather spend that money on clinics and schooling shows. But we are ready to get out there again!


6/25/16 – 6/26/16 – Stephen Bradley Clinic
I’m really excited for this! I’ve heard great things about this clinician and I’ll be riding at Beginner Novice. It’ll be a little bit of a push for me confidence wise but I just need to remember to sit up and kick on.

7/1/16 – Lauren Turner Eventing Clinic
I’ll admit, I don’t know much about Lauren Turner but this clinic is a) at my barn and b) only $25. Worth a shot to just have someone on the ground directing and watching me.

7/9/16 – Poplar Place Farm Schooling H.T.
This one I am not sure I will do. On one hand, it makes complete sense because I will have just done two XC clinics the weeks before and so I should probably get out there and run a course. But then, this will be three hard weeks in a row. Plus it will be hot. Yuck. We’ll see.

7/30/16 – Chatt Hills Schooling H.T.
I have been trying to get to Chatt Hills for a while now so I’m hoping this one will work out as our last “summer” show. August is going to be insanely hot and very busy for me so this might be the last chance for me to do anything until after the wedding.

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