2016 Look Back: Goals

I didn’t have many goals for 2016 only because with the Wedding looming, I didn’t have the bandwidth for much else!

2016 Goals

  1. Get through my wedding!
    Success. The wedding went off with almost no problems and none that I worried myself about. Everything looked exactly like I pictured it and I had a wonderful time. Still glad it’s over though


  2. Be working on First Level dressage work
    Eh, sort of. We are working on first level type work but we are not doing first level quality work. Some of the concepts are needed to get the basics but at least we are working on them!
  3. Go to a recognized dressage show with my trainer
    Hahaha, yah, no. This did not happen. Maybe it would have if we hadn’t switched barns but probably not. See being too focused on the wedding.
  4. Move up to BN at the schooling shows
    We did this! Because Gus and I rock. End of story
    Okay, not completely, but Gus does rock. We did have some issues at this show but it was still a good outing and proved that this was something we could do. We’ll be rocking recognized this year so I’m excited.
  5. Start working with a jump trainer again
    Thankfully this one happened earlier than I was expecting! I love working with New Trainer and I love feeling like I’m getting more confident with my jumping. I also had the opportunity to work with some really great clinicians this year.


So 3/5 isn’t terrible but it could be better. I still think I had a very successful 2016 and I’m looking forward to 2017!