2016 Galway Downs – Wrap Up

And Dandy’s 2nd Prelim is in the books! Even better, it’s with a number and not a letter. Granted, it’s a pretty high number but who cares, he completed.

JLE had nothing but praise for Dandy after his dressage, calling it his best test to date. It was a pretty competitive class so he was only in 10th place even with a 33.6.

The good news on XC is that he successfully completed all the jumps. The bad news is that he racked up a lot of time faults. Oh well.

Dandy after a XC school at Copper

Stadium wasn’t his best ever, with a rail and a handful of time penalties, but he finished!

And since we know Dandy is never that good to start off a season, I am looking forward to the rest of the season.


5 thoughts on “2016 Galway Downs – Wrap Up

  1. Yay Dandy!! A handful of time faults seems reasonable for his first outing of the season at a new-to-him level 😉

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