2015 The Event at Rebecca Farm – Dressage

I was so excited to see Dandy’s dressage video from Rebecca Farm! I haven’t seen him do a test since Aspen last fall and this is a huge improvement. Look at that sexy butt! And he’s so relaxed that his ears even have just a little bit of flop to them. Love it.

And then of course… the halt. That is a classic Dandy halt. He will probably halt like that at Rolex just to spite me. 🙂

14 thoughts on “2015 The Event at Rebecca Farm – Dressage

  1. He looks great!! What a ride.

    (In only a vaguely related topic, I paid for but still have not received my Ride On Video from Camelot. I’m fucking pissed.)

    1. Oh no! Have you emailed them? I called them to order the video of Dandy’s ride not knowing the give a discount to the winners. Well they emailed me a few days later to let me know and give me a refund. So I had a great experience with them.

      1. I’ve emailed, facebooked, and done everything short of smoke signals. It’s actually really upsetting because of all that happened at Camelot (I have been waiting to analyse the video), and I know they typically have great customer service…. Just not for me, apparently.

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