2015 (Fall) Aspen Farms

It was absolutely the worst feeling in the world to come back from Istanbul, open up StartBox and see the dreaded RF next to Dandy’s name in his first Prelim outing. Omg.


Was Dandy okay? Was JLE okay?

I couldn’t imagine what had happened and waiting to hear from JLE was torturous. We got in to JFK late Sunday, I heard from JLE the next morning. Everyone is okay. Thank God!

She said that Dandy read the question wrong at the water and sent me the video. It was both the weirdest and the scariest thing I have ever seen with Dandy. He had to jump a large canoe into the water, which he did fine. But then he LUNGED into the water like he was jumping down a huge bank and when he came down, it looks like his front feet slipped out from under him.

Dandy went head first into the water. Fell completely onto his knees and then his side. Thankfully they both got up and walked off the course though Dandy did bang up the right side of his face and had superficial scrapes on his knees.

I don’t know what Dandy might have seen in the water to do that but the whole thing was very fluky. JLE said he was jumping great. It’s frustrating but I am just so glad that no one got hurt. I know they’ll regroup, JLE will school that dang water, and they’ll come back next season ready to tackle that Prelim course.