2015 E.I. Horse Trials – Quick Update


Lots of ups and downs for Dandy at E.I. this last weekend. A FABULOUS 24.8 score in dressage (where JLE thought she was riding very conservatively) left him tied for third going into XC. But then some sort of refusal led to him being dropped all the way down to last going in to stadium.


I didn’t really get any updates from JLE but lucky for me the barn photographer was more than happy to help me out. Dandy is a handful and is definitely giving JLE a run for her money. Still, it sounds like he was jumping the moon in stadium so if he can’t get his act together on XC he might have a future as a grand prix show jumper. I can’t wait to see all the photos and share them with you all.

Dandy is already entered for Aspen and I hope we can get a little bit better XC run.

9 thoughts on “2015 E.I. Horse Trials – Quick Update

  1. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t go quite as well as we’d all hoped, but that’s horse showing. Here’s to the next one!!

  2. what a disappointment about the refusal – hopefully it was just some weird anomaly and the competition was just close enough to make such a huge difference in the rankings. fingers crossed for Dandy at Aspen!

  3. Woot woot that dressage score! My thought on XC is it’s only 1 refusal – NBD. And he rocked the stadium so thats fabulous!

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