2015 Aspen Farms H.T. – Wrap Up

With each run, Dandy is really turning into being an awesome event horse. Once we get past these green issues, he’s going to be amazing.

Photo from JLE

JLE reports that he was a bit fussy during dressage but the score was still respectable and we know that he’s capable of more. What we were really waiting for was XC. Or, at least, that’s that I was really waiting for. If Dandy hadn’t gone clean I was going to be pretty upset. I still think he can go all the way but it’s frustrating to see the run outs.

Luckily I got this text:



He did go double clear which is what I know he is capable of and moved from tied for 14th to 7th. So it was definitely a great day for him. Unfortunately a rail in stadium dropped him to 8th but this is his best finish of the season and we keep seeing improvement.

wpid-fb_img_1434282367518.jpgInavale is up next!

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