2014 Whidbey Island H.T. – Wrap Up

Since I was only able to go to one day of the Whidbey Island H.T., I’m not going to do a big long week of posts. Instead, I’m just going to sum it all up in a quick post.

Apparently, Dandy was Not Good for dressage and XC day. Jigging at the end of the lead, bolting after a warm-up fence, squeaky and leapy around the dressage ring. It’s amazing that he got a 34 but the dressage judges always seem to love him. And luckily he’s just amazing at jumping so he went double clean in XC which moved him into 6th place and into the ribbons.

I was not happy to hear this report card when I arrived on Sunday. Looks like JLE is going to be riding agin for Caber instead of me, which is what we were trying to get to. Oh well. We’ll keep working at it!

Thankfully Dandy had calmed down a lot by the time I was there to tack him for stadium. He was still excited when I brought him out to warm-up but after about 8 laps he was willing to stand still. Plus, Dandy warmed up great and was so quiet and relaxed in the ring. I couldn’t have been more proud of him. While he did grab a rail, considering how well he was, I can’t be upset about that.

In the end, Dandy is still very green but even with the naughtiness, he is improving in at least some little way at each show. We’re halfway through the season and I am so glad I’ve stuck it out. It’s going to be worth it.

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  1. Neck ribbons are the best! Serious kudos to you for sticking with him, sounds like you guys are making great progress!

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