2014 Goals Revisited

Well I hope you all don’t mind, but I missed the standard 2014 recap time. Since I still want to look back at what a wonderful year we had, I’m going to do so now!

Goal 1- Be schooling first level dressage work by the end of the year and show at least once at training level while getting a score in the 60%.

No shows but Dandy and I did start schooling first level stuff. And once I started riding Jack I worked on even more advanced stuff (it’s so nice what you can do with a school master!).

Goal 2 – Continue to work on my equitation over jumps. Ideally I’d like to be able to do a 2’6″ course again and hopefully compete at some of the local shows. I would also like to be schooling 3′ again.

Again, no shows but I did get back to jumping and I did jump 3′ again. This is one I’ll probably be working on for the rest of my life but this year it was a success.

Goal 3 – Complete a horse trial with a number and not a letter, schooling or recognized.

Oh, the fail. Also, three of my goals had to do with showing. I see where my head was this year!

Goal 4 – Tone up! I know I’ve been saying I’m going to do this forever (and it’s more of a resolution than a goal…) but 2014 is the year. In the past I’ve learned that I can’t just make big changes so I’m going to start to weave in better health and lifestyle choices throughout the year.

This was a success though it’s a hard one to measure. I still go in cycles where I eat less healthy but I’m enjoying my green smoothies and being a lot more active than I used to be.

Goal 5 – Make a decision on Dandy and be okay with the possibility that this may end in selling him. This sport is too much work, too dangerous and costs too much to not have fun. I’m still having fun but if we can’t get Dandy in the right frame of mind than that could quickly change. I’m willing to give him more time if that is what it will take but I do need to make that decision this year.

This, as we all know, was done. I can’t really call it a success because that just seems so awful. But selling Dandy was the right move so I’m glad the decision was made, even if I’m going to be incredibly sad to see him go.

7 thoughts on “2014 Goals Revisited

  1. Right now I’m battling questions you had to deal with a year ago. It sucks. But your experience is showing me the light at the end of the tunnel. Things work out. Even if not the way we hoped they would.

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