2014 Caber Farm – Stadium

Let’s wrap this sucker up because there’s not much time left until I’ll be posting about Aspen Farms! 

Dandy was sitting right in the middle of his division at 10th so I didn’t have a whole lot of hope that he’d move into the ribbons (which only went to 6th for the Championship classes) but there was only four points between him and second place so there was a chance. I got him all braided and polished so that no matter what, he’d look spectacular in the ring. 

The BN and N course was on the grass field which meant studs again. I dislike putting in studs. But at least the boy is fabulous and took care of that while I went about tacking Dandy up. 

Dandy didn’t have a single problem in the ring, to no one’s surprise. It was a very straight forward course in general and especially for the championship. JLE and I were a bit disappointed. JLE because she didn’t think it was challenging enough, me because I didn’t think enough horses were going to knock to move Dandy up. 

In the end, three horses brought a rail down and Dandy moved into 7th place. While not good enough for a ribbon, we were all very happy with him. He had a great show (mostly) and such a great attitude. It actually made me super excited for my turn in the saddle next spring!