2014 Aspen Farms H.T. – XC

Finally, it was Sunday and that meant it was XC time! This is obviously Dandy’s favorite part of a horse trial so of course he was finally calmed down and ready to work. It was also back to raining. Lovely.

There’s not a whole lot to say about XC because at this point, I wasn’t worried about any of the individual questions. Usually Aspen is a pretty tough event but they brought it down just a hair this spring because of us losing Northwest and I thought the course looked fun and inviting. The only thing I was nervous about was the footing. Dandy did not have his shoes drilled for studs.

But JLE gave him a great ride, stayed out of his way when needed and helped him balance at other times. Dandy did slip a few times (as you will see in the video) so he is now going to be getting his shoes drilled for the show season. He just has so much body to put together!

AspenHorseTrials_43 AspenHorseTrials_44 AspenHorseTrials_45

This pirate ship was my favorite jump on the course and I’m so glad he got to go over it. Dandy wasn’t too confident about it however, and took the long spot.

AspenHorseTrials_46 AspenHorseTrials_47 AspenHorseTrials_48 AspenHorseTrials_49 AspenHorseTrials_50 AspenHorseTrials_51

It was close, but JLE took him double clear again to finish in third place. JLE was extremely happy with him, and so was I. Even though he had his moments and was pretty green, he wasn’t crazy. Dandy is well on his way to becoming an old pro.


I can’t wait until we get there.


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