2014 Aspen Farms H.T. – Stadium

Saturday was Stadium day and while it didn’t dawn bright, it at least wasn’t raining. I had borrowed one of JLE’s slinkys to try and keep Dandy’s braids nice but they just were not pretty so I ditched them, much to the shock of our BM.

Dandy was not as bad, attitude wise, as he was for dressage day but you could tell he was super up. He was just impressed with even the baby jumps in warm-up. I was really nervous by the time they got into the actual ring because, while he was jumping everything, it wasn’t pretty. And someone on our team had already had a really nasty fall in the training rounds so I wasn’t feeling all that good about stadium anyway.


And I had good reason to be nervous. Dandy was jumping everything like it was at least a foot taller, sometimes more. And he wasn’t paying attention to the jumps until probably a stride out. I am so glad JLE was up there. I would have been panicking after the first fence.

AspenHorseTrials_29 AspenHorseTrials_30 AspenHorseTrials_31 AspenHorseTrials_3214.06.14-108


I was especially nervous watching them come into this last line. If you watch the video you will see that Dandy has his head in the air and couldn’t give a fuck about the jumps, he was much more concerned with everything else. I don’t know how JLE got him back but she did and they made it over.

14.06.14-113 AspenHorseTrials_33 AspenHorseTrials_34 AspenHorseTrials_3514.06.14-117 AspenHorseTrials_36So, no rails and no times gave him another clean round but it’s clear the he’s going to have to get into the jumper ring here and just see more bright, crazy jumps. 


They moved into third place after this.




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  1. I love those jumps! Especially the native american line. I think I’d be lucky if my horse were willing to walk between those standards, because those are pretty.. decorative. Props to your guy! Even if a bit lookie, he still seems like he’s having a blast. (From photos – can’t watch video right now.)

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