2013 Year in Review



In January or big news finally became public: we were moving to the Emerald City. Between that, the cold and being sick I didn’t ride much this month but Dandy stayed in full work between the dressage training rides and the jumping training rides.



February is all about getting ready to move to WA. The boy moves up the first week but I don’t leave until the last. In the meantime, I get Dandy a round of¬†omeprazole which seems to help. We also jump 3’1″ for the first time! In preparation for the move, Dandy gets his teeth done, spring shots, a cog gins and a brand inspection. I move him to Madchen’s farm to spend the next month before I move him up to Seattle. On our last day he free jumps 4’3″



March is slow as far as horses go because I’m separated from the Dandy by a few states… but it’s not completely wasted. I did find a place to move Dandy when he finally gets up here though I didn’t have a chance to meet the trainer. We also start taking Guinness to Rally class and we get to bring home our new golden puppy: Harley!



I get the courage to send a letter to Dandy’s breeders with a few pictures of the boy in his new life. I don’t expect to hear from them but maybe I will. I also get my tax return and get to buy some new boots and breeches! Then, finally, we make the long drive back and forth to NV to pick up Dandy. Dandy has a few attitude issues at his new barn but I hope that we’ll work through them and sign up for a one day horse trail.



I begin lessons with JLE and am very impressed with her. I got to the one day horse trial with high hopes only to see them dashed as Dandy panics. About ready to give up, JLE convinces me to drive back down and school XC with them the next day. Glad I did because Dandy was awesome. Dandy gets front shoes. His attitude issues do not go away.


Dandy Baby 2

Most of this month was spent worrying about the apple size lump that developed on Harley’s shoulder. The vets were as stumped as we were. Lessons with Dandy continued but there was nothing to exciting there. We signed up for dressage show and went XC schooling where he threw a shoe. I also got a letter from his breeders that included baby pictures!



We go to our dressage show where Dandy was so good. Even with a major spook in his first test we finished and came home with a 6th and 3rd. That high didn’t last long though. We hit the low point in our relationship during a lesson where he freaked out, reared and dumped me. I did a lot of soul searching and decided to put him into full training with JLE. I needed to see if this was going to be the new normal or if we can work through it.



To start the new training program, we enter Dandy in the Lincoln Creek Pony Club one day horse trial with JLE in the irons. He pulled a 180 from the way he acted in May and managed to come home with a pretty blue ribbon. My motivation for the rest of the month was low but we did go on a fun and long trail ride.



We had a great XC school at Caber Farms to start the month. I got a new job as an HR assistant (which I am still loving!) and decide to get Dandy a non-compete stall at the NWEC Fall Gala. I’m so glad I did because JLE finally got to see how he acts at shows as he was a nut case.



October is slow as I get used to having a job and less time to spend with the pony. Dandy continues to do well in full training with the occasional back slide. I only manage to do one 2-pt challenge ride but ended up being able to stay in 2-pt for 4 minutes and 29 seconds.



Another slow month. I got to try the GoPro camera I got for my birthday and promptly fell off. Lol. Went to a tack swap and got Dandy a wool cooler. He also got clipped and spent the weekend at Aspen Farms while I went to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving.



I struggle between having some good rides and having some bad rides. Is this worth it? Do I keep trying to work through the problems? I decide that yes, at this point it’s still fun. We ride in my trainer’s saddle, a Voltaire Lexington Monoflap and I fall in love. Dandy begins to have some serious voice queues installed in his brain

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