2013 Goals Revisited

So how did we do this year?

Goal 1 – Have a safe, relaxing move for Dandy. After the horrible trip he had out here from Minnesota I want to make sure nothing about that is repeated. Included in this goal is finding the best possible home for him to go to.

I’m going to count this one a success. Despite Dandy’s new attitude that has since popped up, the actual ride it self was stress free.

Goal 2 – Compete at our first H.T.! Right now I’m planning on that being the starter test at the NWEC May Classic. Anyone from that area going to be around?

This one is half completed I suppose. Dandy completed  his first horse trial and even came home with a blue ribbon!

Goal 3 – Compete at a recognized level: BN! I know Dandy is more than capable of going around at BN (heck, he could probably skip right to N) but I want to make sure I know what to expect. So starter first and then BN.

This one we didn’t get. Although Dandy did a BN horse trial, it was at a schooling show. I also didn’t compete at a recognized.

Goal 4 – Learn more about horse nutrition. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years so let’s make it a reality. Not really sure where to start though I’m sure I’ll find a lot by just googling.

A total fail on this one. *sigh* I’ll try again next year probably.

Goal 5 – Find a job that actually makes me happy and that I enjoy doing. Hopefully it will more than cover the horse bills as well but I care more about keeping my sanity and being happy; life is just too short!

Complete success on this one! I love my new job and it pays the bills. Not every day is good but for the most part I’m happy and sane.


Despite not meeting every goal, I’m pretty happy with the ones we did get to. This has really been an up and down year for Dandy and I. Sometimes it’s hard to remember just how far we have come. Here’s hoping for smoother sailing in 2014.


8 thoughts on “2013 Goals Revisited

  1. Look on coursa, its a free online college class website. There is an equine nutrition one that I completed last spring and have a certificate in equine nutrition from the University of Edinburg now!!

    1. I’m so excited for that class! I’ve been trying to enroll in it since the session last spring and it hasn’t been open. 🙁 But it is in January again! Yay!

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