2012 Year in Review


Dandy Conformation Jan. 13, 2012Even though we had bought him in November, Dandy finally arrived in Nevada in early January. I was heartbroken at his horrible condition, knowing that he was not that skinning when he left Minnesota. We started working on his retraining and getting the weight back on.



Dandy gets a makeover when I finally decide to pull his mane. He is still incredibly skinny but his eyes are brighter and he seems happy. After a frustrating trim from a farrier I go with my gut and call the local barefoot trimmer. She gives Dandy his first pair of shoes since I bought him: Easyboots!



I get offered a full time job with good pay. I’m stoked about that but a little sad that it’ll cut into my riding time with Dandy. It does however give us enough extra cash to put Dandy in full training at FTF.



April is nothing exciting. We keep working on his retraining. I almost get Dandy stuck in the mud while working on water desensitizing. Oops.



Dandy’s trimmer moves away but recommends someone else who knows OTTBs and how their feet work. I’m very happy with his work. I bought a dressage saddle which I loved. But even bigger, we bought a truck!



I take Dandy to his first show where he is a butt but also amazing in the ring. We place third of fifth.



I took Dandy to the beach and went swimming for the first time this season. This is also Dandy’s first trail ride and he is a pro.



Big month for me and Dandy. Eric and I started by buying a two horse slant bumper pull so I can take Dandy on trails and to shows. Guinness goes to training to get over his desire to chase the horses. I end up losing my job but it turns out to be the best thing ever. Krissie and I take Dandy and her future horse, Klancie, out on an epic trail ride. I decide to leave FTF both because of my job and other reasons.


Dandy and Klancie are now bffs.

We move to Sheridan and I immediately fall in love with the place. Kristen is a great trainer and Dandy and I start taking lessons. Dandy also tried to lose an eye. Twice.


Washoe4Had my first lesson with Madchen and it’s a blast. Madchen really likes Dandy even though he’s a frankenbred as far as conformation goes. Guinness gets his Canine Good Citizen title. Dandy and I go to our first dressage schooling show where Dandy makes a 180 in his attitude at shows. Dandy starts his rearing issue and we start working with the Vienna reins.


Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 10.45.32 AM

Got to visit some of my favorite people and had a great three year anniversary with the Boy at the Breeders’ Cup. Had a visit home to Minnesota and made a pilgrimage to Dover Saddlery. Best of all, the boy and I made a last minute trip to Camelot Equestrian Park to go cross country schooling!



Sold my dressage saddle. Two weeks later sold my jump saddle and find myself with nothing. Oops! Luckily Madchen has an old saddle that she just wanted to get rid of. Oddly enough it was the best fit of anything we had tried. Went to a dressage clinic with Laura Gregerson. Had a great Christmas and found out some important news.

Can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring for us!

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  1. What an amazing journey! I will have to go back to catch up as I’m a new follower but even reading the short blips in summary was nice 🙂 Best of luck in 2013!

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