2-Point Challenge

Just signed Dandy and I up for Viva Carlos’ 2-Point Challenge. I wasn’t sure how good our baseline was going to be but I was actually kind of surprised:


And I actually stopped before I felt like I needed to because we were coming to the part of the trail that turns into a swamp and last time I had to deal with a temperamental Dandy when trying to go through the worst of the muck.

The trail was 95% wonderful. Dandy was so wonderful and I rode him at a walk and on the buckle for most of the ride. He did still have a few issues with the ¬†yellow paint on the road but I was so happy with his attitude: calm and quiet. There’s a bridge on the trail and Dandy has never had an issue going over it but today it was really slippery and I thought we might actually fall. Thankfully we didn’t! Dandy is pretty sure footed most of the time, thank God.


Then we got most of the way back and I deiced to do a little hand galloping. We were flying but a tight turn was coming up and a down slope, time to slow down! Dandy freaked out and started bucking. It didn’t help that I had brought Guinness and he was also running lights out but still, Dandy knows better. I sat him down on his ass and made him halt. Just as we started walking calmly again Guinness went flying after a cotton-tail and Dandy went up. Grrrrrr. Not allowed. I kicked him forward and we trotted a few minutes before calmly walking the rest of the way home.

Still, a very successful ride over all. Dandy’s antics didn’t scare me and he didn’t escalate them when I shut them down. All positives.

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